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Jaclyn M. Hawkes grew up in Utah with 6 sisters, 4 brothers and any number of pets. (It was never boring!) She got a bachelor’s degree, had a career and traveled extensively before settling down to her life’s work of being the mother of four magnificent and sometimes challenging children. She loves shellfish, the out of doors, the youth and hearing her children laugh. She and her fine husband, their family, and their sometimes very large pets, now live in a mountain valley in northern Utah, where it smells like heaven and kids still move sprinkler pipe.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh man.

I got on-line this morning and was so sad to see that Chip McGregor has decided to stop doing his blog. Dang it! He's been one of my all time favs and has been invaluable to a blithering idiot newcomer like myself. Some bloggers are all about selling you something, but Chip was great to just give of his wisdom. Not to mention that he has an incredibly funny sarcasm at times, (typically aimed at blithering idiot newcomers). I will miss it immensely. But, you gotta do what you gotta do. At least he's going to leave everything up. Thanks for all your input, Chip and good luck in what's ahead. Jaclyn

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I have this marvelous old red horse. He's 20 and he has arthritic knees and navicular disease and laminitis in one foot and he's a great old beast. I slept at the barn the night he was born and I love him dearly. I need to put him to sleep this fall before really nasty winter sets in and that's a horrible thing to have to do. He must have begun to suspect or something because yesterday he actually trotted across the field with his other old buddy to greet the other horses. He doesn't trot much these days. And today... Holy Toledo! He came loping across that field like a two year old! It was awesome!
You know, in this life, sometimes we just have to have the attitude of a two year old. It's a beautiful thing! It can give you a whole new lease on life! Literally!
So kick up your heels today! The other horses love it! Jaclyn

Friday, October 8, 2010

Living here in the Emerald Isle

We've gone way past monsoon here in Oakley. It's been raining for more than a week off and on and I am LOVING IT! We're talking the coolest thunderstorms ever! Yeah, it's looking a lot like Ireland out there. I think we'll be green here right up until we're buried in snow -which may be soon. Thousand Peaks got it last night.
Don't worry, I just gather all my little chickens under my wings by the fire and... Well, I mean after football practice and soccer and achievement day activities and, oh, are there any hunts going on? Oh, that's right. I was wondering what had happened to all the men I love. They can hunt all they want. Predation is a guy thing. Us feminine chickens are going to sit by the fire and listen to the thunder. Maybe read a good book! Hope you all have a great thunderstorm to fall asleep to. Jaclyn